Qualified offshore business within Mauritius is defined as a corporation holding a Category 1 or 2 Global Business Licence, with the all of its revenue being derived from outside of Mauritius. These companies are governed by the Companies Act 2001, incorporated with the Registrar of Companies and regulated by the Financial Services Commission. The highest level of privacy is given to these structures and information relating to the operations, the company itself and accounts is not available to the public.

Approved Activities include:
  • Consultancy services
  • Trading
  • Investment Holdings
  • Operational headquarters
  • Employment Services
  • Financial Services
  • Asset Management
  • ICT Services
  • Fund Management, including pension funds
  • Franchising
  • Insurance
  • Asset Management
  • Aircraft financing and leasing
  • Shipping and ship management
  • Logistics
  • Other such business as approved by the FSC

Global Business Companies

  • Recommended for those wishing to benefit from the provisions in the Double Taxation Treaties.
  • Recommended for corporate bodies, trusts, individuals, sociétés, partnerships (incl. limited liability) and active profile business
  • Can be structured as a Protected Cell Company

Requirements & Features of a GBLC1
  • Management company serves as local manager of entity, whilst chairing and initiating board meetings from Mauritius
  • No business dealings with Mauritians permitted unless and with the approval of the relevant authorities
  • Local company and local bank account
  • One resident director (two if tax residency is sought)
  • No minimum capital requirement (other than some activities)
  • Maintenance of accounting records in Mauritius
  • Annual filing with relevant authorities including annual audit
  • Corporate and/or individual shareholder to be disclosed to the FSC
  • Occupation Permits available to shareholders and employees

Requirements & Features of a GBLC2
  • A tax exempt company
  • Cannot benefit from tax residency in Mauritius
  • Employment of expatriates is not permitted
  • Available to non-resident investors only
  • May not raise capital from the public
  • May not own any interest in immovable property within Mauritius
  • Requires a resident agent and office at all times
  • Single director permitted
  • Single shareholder permitted, disclosure of which is only required to management company and to bank if a local bank account is used
  • Available only for private companies
  • May be locally incorporated or registered as a branch of a foreign company
  • May not provide financial or fiduciary services in any collective investment scheme or investment fund
  • May be limited by shares or guarantee or both or may be simply unlimited

Collective Investment Schemes (Global Funds)

The Global Business Licence Category 1, Trusts or Protected Cell Companies may be used for the structuring of global funds or Investment Companies - as they are more commonly known. There is currently more than US$35bn invested through Mauritius into emerging markets using these structures. Investment Companies incorporated in Mauritius may take the form of either close-ended companies with fixed share capital or open-ended companies with variable share capital.

Collective Investment Schemes or an open-ended company has a variable share capital and Investors are allowed to redeem their shares at net asset value at pre-determined times in accordance with its Constitution. A close-ended company has a fixed share capital and is more commonly known as a Private Equity Fund.

Protected Cell Companies

Funds or companies may be incorporated with a multi-class structure. The shares may be structured in various classes whereby each share class creates a legal separation of the net assets and is referred to as a “cell”. The company will consist of one core cell (non-cellular) and shares with voting rights and an indefinite number of cells and shares with no voting rights. This structure provides protection for vehicles wishing to ensure that liabilities from a particular cell only affect the assets of the same cell. PCC’s may be incorporated in Mauritius so as to be tax resident and benefit from the available double taxation treaties.